MEET: A sales associate will welcome you upon your arrival.

WE CARE: Your sales associate will discuss your individual needs and wants for a new or preowned vehicle. They will explain the process of, “How to buy in an hour or less.”

MANAGEMENT INTRODUCTION: A manager will come by to check-in and will always be available to assist you.

TRADE EVALUATION: The Sales Manager will evaluate your vehicle’s value, along with your purchase options.

PRESENTATION: Each vehicle will be presented in detail, along with its features and benefits. If the vehicle does not meet your wants or needs, we will help you find one that does.

TAKE A DRIVE: Vehicles don’t drive the same. If your test drive does not meet your expectations, we have others to offer.

REVIEW: You and your sales associate will confirm vehicle pricing, features, and financing options.

DELIVERY: The business office will process your paperwork, while your sales associate shows you how to use all the vehicle’s equipment, buttons, and features.

AFTER THE VISIT: When you drive your newly purchased vehicle off our lot, we will follow-up with you within a few days.



Loyalty Advantage Benefits Package
Valuable reimbursements, including:
• Tire Replacement
• Towing
• Road Service
• Lock-Out
• Ambulance
• Trip Interruption
$1,600 Value!
Body Shop
Disappearing deductible program: Use our collision repair facility for your car or one in your household and we pay your dedctible. Good for first year of ownership.
$500 Value!
The purchase of a new or preowned vehicle from our dealership includes:
• One year of Oil Changes & Tire Rotations
• TIRES - Buy 3 and Get 1 Free
• LIFETIME State Inspections
• CARFAX for Life
$250 Value!
Service for Less
Preowned vehicle service program for mechanical repairs.
• 3-Year old vehicles - 5% Labor Discount
• 4-Year old vehicles - 10% Labor Discount
• 5-Year old vehicles - 15% Labor Discount
$1,000 Value!
Additional Trade-In Value
Follow your routine maintenance schedule at a Bush Auto Group location and receive a trade value reward.
$500 Value!


You'll do better at BUSH.

We Work With All Buyers @ Bush Auto Group

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have sub-prime credit, we’ll still work with you on buying your car or helping you buy from us. We’ll work with you to help you reestablish your credit and improve your credit score by putting together a step-by-step plan that will get you back on track. Since we work with over 25 different finance sources, we’ll have no problem finding the rates that work for you.

Plus, when you refer your friends to us, you can earn real cash!

Value Your Trade @ Bush Auto Group

If you want to trade in your vehicle, then how do you get started? The first thing you’ll want to do is visit our “value your trade” page and enter the necessary information into our trade-in value tool. Our tool pools together online market data to get you a quick and accurate estimate of your current vehicle’s worth. Keep in mind that once you get a number, it’s only just an estimate, and you’ll need to bring it to us for a closer look, so we can give you a more exact number on what it’s worth.

Trade in Your Car With Us

Once you have an idea of what your car is worth, the rest of the trade-in process is pretty simple. All you have to do is drop off your car at our dealership, and we’ll take care of the rest. So, you can run some errands or just hang around, and we’ll get started appraising your car for its overall condition and value. The appraisal process shouldn’t take more than an hour, and once we have your vehicle appraised, we'll contact you with an offer that you can either accept, decline, or negotiate for a different number.

If you accept our offer, you can put that money in your own pocket, pay off any remaining loan balances, or put it towards the price of a new or used vehicle from our inventory. Keep in mind that you’re under no obligation to make a decision the same day you get an offer, and you can decline any offer we make.

Who Else But Bush Auto Group?

Other than the fact that we make the car-buying and trading process super simple, why else should drivers choose to do business at Bush Auto Group? We’re also a Kelley Blue Book buying center, meaning that we’re a recommended place to get a car by one of the leading experts in the automotive industry. Plus, we’re part of a large auto group in the Bush area, so we have plenty of options.

Let Us Buy Your Car!

Contact us today to get the trade-in process started. We’ll make you an offer that you’ll love and can put towards a sweet new or used upgrade.

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