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    “Our Future is EV” Nissan’s Electric Future Sparks Excitement

    While other Japanese manufacturers side with ICEs, Nissan committed to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring the future of our planet through EVs.

    Nissan’s Commitment to Electric

    Confirmed by Nissan’s VP for Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania regions, Nissan is reaffirming that electric is the way forward. Nissan put forward their plans toward revolutionizing more efficient electric vehicle batteries with stunning amounts of range last month, showing that the future is electric, and Nissan intends to lead the field.

    While Nissan isn’t planning on developing new internal combustion engines (ICE) for the markets mentioned above, they do plan to develop the technologies of their new e-Power hybrid systems as a “stepping stone” to full electrification. This is likely due to the continuous development of charging infrastructure around the world. Many countries continue to catch up, but other markets have led the world in electric infrastructure updates.

    These announcements may not come into effect immediately in the United States and other Western markets as there is still developing electric infrastructure, but Nissan’s efforts towards electrification worldwide seem to hint that this strategy will be coming to all markets sooner or later.

    What This Means for ICE Gas Engines

    Nissan intends to keep selling conventional gas and diesel internal combustion engine vehicles but without further advancements in their technology. Instead, the company aims to channel its efforts into enhancing hybrid and plug-in powertrains, prioritizing electric vehicles in its research and development endeavors.

    The timeline for completely phasing out combustion engines hasn't been confirmed by Nissan yet. It's contingent upon regulatory requirements and market demands in different regions. However, Nissan's European branch has announced plans to exclusively offer electric vehicles by 2030, starting in September 2023. As for the United States, the specific timing remains uncertain—we'll need to wait and see.

    Electric Nissans for All

    Nissan’s EV future can’t come soon enough but until more is revealed, come sample the best electric vehicles Nissan has to offer at Bush Auto Group. We offer EVs in all shapes and sizes, with a well-equipped service department to keep your new car running smoothly. Get ahead of the EV curve today by calling or visiting Bush Auto Group and scheduling a test drive!

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    How to Get Your Vehicle Road Trip-Ready

    With Memorial Day now in the rearview, the allure of the summer road trip is palpable. Is your summer travel itinerary finalized? Taking a moment to run through your checklist, have you: had your vacation days approved? Packed your bags? Double-checked your Airbnb reservations? Great! All that's left to tend to is the single most important component to your trip: your trusty vehicle.

    Your road trip only goes as far as your car, truck, or SUV can take you. The Bush Auto Group is here to help maximize your vehicle's potential, ensuring seamless travels this summer. Filling up the fuel tank is just step one; here are five more actions you can take to prepare your car for a memorable trip.

    Make Your Car Habitable

    During your trip, your vehicle transforms into your home away from home. Regardless of lodging along the way, much of your trip will be spent inside your car. Just as you keep your home clean, your car should be devoid of dust and clutter before embarking. (Maintaining that neatness throughout your trip is a noble side-mission.)

    Prior to setting off, clean your car at any of our local car washes, such as the Lionville Express Car Wash in Exton. Take advantage of their vacuuming services to thoroughly clear floor mats and upholstery. Get as much dirt out as you can, because it won't stay that way long once the kids hop in.

    Keep Your Tires Inflated

    Low tire pressure is a dual threat for motorists: it makes your tire more susceptible to damage, and also diminishes fuel efficiency. When you're on an extended drive, all those underserved miles add up. Check your tire pressure before your trip, blowing them up to the recommended PSI level (found on a sticker near the driver's door). Ideally, check your tire pressure every 1,000 miles (and rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, or at six-month intervals).

    If you face persistent issues with tire pressure or if your tires are noticeably worn, it may be time to invest in a new set. Fortunately, our comprehensive online Parts Department can help you find the perfect set of tires for your vehicle, as well as anything else your ride requires.

    Hydrate Your Vehicle

    Just as you'd take along a water bottle for your summer road journeys, ensure the six essential fluids in your car are at optimal levels. Unless you're far from your usual 7,500 – 10,000-mile oil change schedule, have your oil changed prior to departing. Verify that your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid are adequately filled.

    To maintain maximum comfort throughout your journey, keep your coolant and windshield fluid levels high. Low coolant affects the air conditioning system, leading to weaker air flow, decreased cooling efficiency, and discomfort for all. You'll appreciate the extra windshield fluid when your windshield becomes compromised by countless smeared insect bodies and you're miles away from the closest gas station.

    Prepare Your Playlist Before Leaving

    Spring has already gifted us some eclectic material for a road trip playlist. Whether you're still dissecting recent epics from Beyonce and Taylor Swift or catching up on the Kendrick-Drake beef, pop music has been anything but boring lately. Regardless of your musical tastes, try to solidify your music selection before you hit the road. Long journeys can lead to complacent, careless behavior, and the moment your phone distracts you could abruptly end your summer plans.

    Rely on the Bush Auto Group for Your Summer Maintenance

    If your summer escapade is approaching and you're unsure about your vehicle's preparedness, it never hurts to seek a professional opinion. Our Service Department's dedicated team is prepared to address any tasks remaining on your maintenance checklist. From routine tasks such as oil changes to heavy-duty maintenance like transmission replacement, we'll handle jobs of all sizes. This summer, Bush Auto Group is committed to keeping you safely on the road throughout your travels, to whatever grand destinations lie in wait.

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    The Best Nissan Vehicles to Buy Your 2024 Graduate

    Graduation season is upon us once again here in Chester County. Whether your loved one is graduating high school or college, it’s a time for both emotional farewells and invigorating new chapters. But to get to where they want to be, the graduate in your life will need a trustworthy vehicle. Thankfully, that's where Nissan steps in.

    If you’re looking to gift your graduate with a new car, truck or SUV, there are several important factors to consider: fuel economy, storage space, technology features, and of course safety should lead your list of priorities. Whether your grad is preparing for their first semester at Ursinus or setting off on post-graduate adventures, you’ll want to do everything in your power to prepare them for what lies ahead.

    To ensure maximum peace of mind, consider gifting them a Nissan Sentra, a Kelley Blue Book-approved vehicle. If the Sentra isn’t for you, Nissan provides a plethora of affordable and practical options for teens and new drivers. Explore the all-electric Nissan Leaf, or the spacious Nissan Rogue. You’ll find them in stock throughout the Bush Auto Group family of dealerships.

    Top Pick: The 2024 Nissan Sentra 

    Whether your graduate recently received their degree from Immaculata or is just preparing to set off for their first fall semester at Temple, the reliable 2024 Nissan Sentra compact sedan is here to keep the family connected with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. By combining sporty styling and practicality, the Sentra is ideal for campuses; its fuel economy is 34 mpg combined, keeping trips to the pump minimal. Plus, its comfortable “zero gravity” seats will endear to any fellow students in need of a ride back to the quads.

    If safety is your primary concern, the Sentra was practically designed to assuage your fears. It comes loaded with 10 airbags, and every version of the 2024 Nissan Sentra comes with SafetyShield 360. This comprehensive suite of driver assistance safety features includes:

    • Automatic emergency braking w/ pedestrian detection 
    • Rear cross-traffic alert 
    • Rear automatic braking 
    • Blind-spot warning 
    • Lane-departure warning 
    • High-beam assist 

    Other Nissan Vehicles to Consider: 

    2024 Nissan Leaf 

    Go green this semester with Nissan’s original all-electric vehicle. With a starting price under $40,000, it’s one of the most affordable EVs on the market. With an EPA-estimated range of 123/99 mpg, a zero-emission drive train, and minimal maintenance costs, the Leaf is ideal for the environmentally conscious student who still needs a practical way to navigate campus. Furthermore, the Leaf is the recipient of an NHTSA five-star safety rating.

    2024 Nissan Rogue 

    Another vehicle boasting a five-star safety rating from NHTSA, the 2024 Nissan Rogue is perfect for the student looking to transport their entire bedroom to campus. With ample storage space, this crossover SUV provides a powerful means of exploring all that campus life has to offer.

    2024 Nissan Kicks 

    Don’t be thrown by the 2024 Nissan Kicks’ quirky design: this subcompact SUV still provides plenty of space to haul your graduates’ belongings. With a low starting price point, a practical fuel economy, and a comfortable interior, the Kicks is a can’t-miss package for any young driver.

    The Tassel was Worth the Hassle 

    Turn your tassels. Toss your caps. Get that terrible Vitamin C song out of your system. Only then can you begin your post-graduate car buying experience with the Bush Auto Group. 

    If you’re looking for a new or pre-owned Nissan for your graduate, you’ve come to the right place. We won't be satisfied until we pair your son, daughter, or grandchild with a vehicle that exceeds your safety standards. Sleep easier knowing your graduate is driving a safe, reliable vehicle from the Bush Auto Group, eastern Pennsylvania's most trusted auto dealers.

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